Examples of consultancy work recently completed present an indication of the range of our expertise and how these have been utilised by our clients.

We have considerable experience of applying ergonomics to workplaces and designs in many settings including retail, banking, public transport and the public sector. Examples include teller/cashier counters, ATMs and reception desks, airport check in desks, gate desks and customer service desks, on-board food service, and production workstations.

Example: Train kitchen

The project was to support the designers and refurbishment engineers in the complete refresh of a major train operator’s rolling stock fleet. The requirement was to provide ergonomics and human factors expertise to ensure that the kitchen met the human factors specification and integration plan. The project included design input, mock ups, hazard identification workshops, HF log, general support and sign off.

Example: Bank teller counter

The requirement was to partner the Bank’s outsourced design consultancy to ensure that the counter met ergonomics specification and good practice, and to minimise the health and safety risk to staff through their use of the counter.

The provision of expert ergonomics advice was well received by the bank and incorporated into the new branch counter design. According to the Bank's Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing "This helped the design team 'get it right first time' and subsequently the health and safety of bank staff has been assured".

Example: Workstation assessments

An employee was suffering significant discomfort at work due to an existing back condition. We were called in to assess the workstation for the employee together with the way that he used the equipment, and then to devise a series of measures to assist the employee to remain in productive work. After 3 months the employee is still at work and his symptoms are controlled, saving the business potentially significant costs.

Example: Car/vehicle assessments

We conducted a detailed assessment of a shortlist of vehicles considering being procured by a major utility company where new technology to be used by the driver was to be used for the first time.

Example: e-learning programme for laboratory workers

Axis Ergonomics acted as technical experts in the production of an ergonomics programme for a major specialist risk management solutions Company because of our knowledge of the ergonomics issues in the laboratory environment. This included consultation on content, text preparation, overseeing photo shoots, comment on graphics choice, test questions and the preparation of risk assessment and solution matrices. The programme goes to market in 2011.