An ergonomics and human factors business with many years of experience of providing practical solutions and insight to address businesses needs.

Offering a broad set of consultancy skills that have been tried, tested and proved in the marketplace and found to meet the needs of our clients.

A reliable and experienced expert witness service for solicitors prosecuting or defending ergonomics related claims.

Innovation and adaptability in our training styles and content are a hallmark of our training delivery without compromising the content or purpose.

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Welcome to Axis Ergonomics

Axis Ergonomics provides practical, timely and expert advice and opinion to a wide range of clients. Our expertise is in ergonomics and human factors which is concerned with optimising the interaction of people with their work environment.

Our services are focussed on providing solutions for our clients, solutions that are effective, helpful and aim to produce cost-benefit. We are confident in our recommendations, our opinion and our expertise because we have many years of experience in applying these skills across a very diverse range of industrial sectors. We know what works and why. We are conversant with good practices and keep up to date with emerging trends.

Our approach is to work in partnership with our clients, whether this be through a short term assignment or providing an internal resource.